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Terms & Conditions of Service:

Throughout this website and our publications, you will find references to our policy of providing "complimentary initial consultations" to prospective clients of the firm. The purpose of this page is to outline the terms and conditions of our services, and the costs of our chargeable services.

The purpose of our "complimentary consultation" program is to provide individuals, businesses and practitioners the opportunity of obtaining some initial information to determine whether the services which this firm can provide will be relevant to a specific situation. We encourage everyone to sample our services through our website or in person or email, since we are convinced we provide a unique and valuable service targeted to Canada/United States income tax situations. Further, we are interested in your feedback in order that we may improve our service to you.

Fully Cost Free Services:

The following are non-chargeable services, available to all:

  • Browsing our website for tax information for personal use.
  • Registration with our firm to obtain periodic international tax updates by mail or email.
  • Our interactive Web Forum to post and read responses from others in similar situations. Our topics include Cross border tax and accounting issues, Canadian Immigration Issues (hosted by Ron Liberman), U.S. Immigration issues (hosted by James Eiss), Employment Issues, and our Income Tax area.
  • Initial contact by telephone, fax or email concerning a tax issue.
  • An initial preliminary consultation or review of a situation, with feedback or reference to appropriate resources, subject to the terms and conditions of this service as outlined below.
  • Use our Tax Notebook program, an intuitive way to compile your tax information.

Cost Free Services to Existing Clients:

  • As per our continuing client engagement policy, existing clients of the firm may use our resources throughout the year for casual information requests pertaining to evolving situations without additional charge.
  • All follow-up and communication for additional information requests with the Internal Revenue Service or Revenue Canada is provided free of charge for any tax return prepared by us.
  • Our clients receive periodic publications geared to specific industries, filing status or special interest.
  • Our clients benefit from our understanding of the personal details involved in each individual personal or business situation. The better we understand your objectives, the better tax advice we can provide.
  • Our income tax professionals constantly upgrade their skill levels through attendance at professional seminars, courses and programs designed to increase their knowledge in this very complex area.

Complimentary Consultation – Terms and Conditions:

Due to overwhelming demand for this service, we have taken steps to ensure that this service remains available to potential clients of our firm.

Our program works like this:

  1. You provide us with a deposit of $US 125.
  2. We will provide an initial review of your situation, and will render advice on filing status, residency, tax jurisdiction or other tax planning or compliance issues for either Canada, the United States, or both. In providing this review, we will examine tax returns or other documents you provide, and will provide you with guidance, based on the information you supply, as to the most beneficial or required tax strategy.
  3. If you use our firm for income tax preparation or consultation services within twelve months of the initial consultation, WE WILL CREDIT THE FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR DEPOSIT TO YOUR ACCOUNT for services rendered by our firms. Review an outline of our typical fees and services.

Book an Initial Consultation

To purchase and arrange an initial consultation online, click the button below. We will contact you on the next business day to arrange a consultation time and method (i.e., telephone, email or appointment), upon receipt of your payment. You can use your VISA or MasterCard, on our secure server, and your credit card will be charged $US 125.) 

After purchasing the consultation, please complete our contact form detailing your background and specific questions you wish to address so we can provide you with the best analysis tailored to your situation during your consultation. The information you provide will be kept in confidence, and will be used only in addressing your issues during your initial consultation.

The Fine Print:

By participating in our "complimentary consultation" program you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Our "complimentary consultation" program is designed to provide freely available information to potential clients of the firm. The "deposit" amount of $US 125 or $CDN177 plus $CDN23 HST (total $CDN 200) will be billed to your account currently, and if you decide not to use our services within twelve months, you agree that this payment has been made for services rendered during the initial consultation. In many cases, we can identify situations for you, which may help you to save money on professional accounting and legal fees in the future.
  2. We will not prepare any income tax returns or other forms during the "complimentary consultation", since the consultation is geared to identifying your needs and requirements only, at a time before you have engaged us to provide services. We will gladly prepare income tax returns upon receipt of full information on a chargeable basis, when you have engaged our firm. We will provide you with a detailed quotation prior to commencing any chargeable work.
  3. Our advice rendered during the initial consultation will be based only on information you provide to us for review. We shall not be responsible for an inappropriate use or out of context application of information obtained on our websites or through our offices. Since international taxation is a complex area, with many alternative outcomes dependent on the information supplied, you will obtain more useful advice by providing us with a complete written outline of your proposed tax situation.
  4. Our initial consultation is based on our providing you with 40 minutes of professional time.
  5. Remember, you will get out of the initial consultation what you put into it, and you should be prepared to discuss issues of interest to you. This includes having tax returns, visa's, contracts or other material available to you, during our discussion. If the consultation is carried out by email or fax, please be very specific regarding the issues to be discussed. We will not refund your initial consultation fee for any reason, including dissatisfaction with the service obtained. Please assess your information needs realistically before engaging us.